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Terms and Conditions

(Currently only in Finnish, translation is under way)


The terms and conditions within this document define the terms of service between the customer and Pomppulinnapark (i.e., the provider). When booking a service or paying for our services, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions and agrees to abide by them. A contract is formed when the customer has booked and/or paid for a service, and the provider has confirmed the booking and/or payment.

Use of Services

The services purchased shall only be used to consume said services.

Bank holidays, special opening hours and maintenance breaks

We shall not compensate for singular days of special or exceptional opening hours when the arena may be closed. We shall inform the customers of these exceptions via our social media accounts. The booking calendar is also showing the updated opening hours.

We shall not be liable for cases of loss or inconvenience when caused by force majeure (e.g., an evacuation of the shopping centre due to a fire alarm).


Services and products provided by us can be purchased from the online store on our website or on-site. On a case-by-case basis, our services can also be purchased from our collaborators’ sales offices and/or websites. Liable payment methods in our online store are payment methods provided by Checkout Finland.

On-site liable payment methods are cash (€), national debit and credit cards (Visa, MasteCard) as well as exercise or exercise and culture vouchers (Smartum, Edenred, Eazybreak). Exercise benefits can only be used for the customer’s personal services of exercise. Exercise vouchers or other gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and no change shall be offered in the event that the voucher value exceeds the total cost of the service.

Billing is offered upon a special agreement. As a ground rule, we only bill customers with business IDs (Y-tunnus), not private people. A billing fee of 10€ will be added to bills.

Lost tickets or vouchers

Lost tickets or vouchers shall not be compensated.


When using a voucher to pay on-site, the voucher must be presented. When paying in our online store, the voucher code must be attached to the slot reserved for it. A voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Cases of illness, changes of bookings

In cases of illness or injury, a medical certificate by a doctor or a nurse needs to be provided. Any changes and modifications of paid bookings shall be handled upon a case-by-case basis. Refunds and changes that require refunds will include a refund fee of 10 €. There shall be no refunds for services paid with exercise vouchers or other employer-provided benefits.

Discounts and special offers

Discounts or special offers cannot be combined. The discount percentages and reduced prices only regard full-price services, i.e., already discounted services and services with group-based discounts are not included. In addition, campaigns and discounts may have specialised terms and conditions and/or an unusual period of validity.

Booking terms and conditions

We recommend purchasing or booking tickets in advance to make sure you can enter at your preferred time. Bookings are binding, we do not handle tentative bookings. Booked tickets must be paid and redeemed before entrance, at least 15 minutes before the start of the reservation. We reserve the right to resell the unredeemed tickets upon a case-by-case basis.

Normaalien aukioloaikojen ulkopuolelle tehtyjen ryhmävarausten (juhlat, yksityistilaisuudet) kohdalla varauksen vahvistaminen tapahtuu suorittamalla varausmaksu varauksen yhteydessä. Varauksen peruuntuessa yli 7 päivää ennen varauksen ajankohtaa varausmaksu palautetaan kokonaan. Jos varaus perutaan alle 7, mutta yli 3 päivää ennen varausajankohtaa, varausmaksusta palautetaan 50%. Mikäli varaus perutaan 3 päivää ennen varausajankohtaa, maksua ei palauteta.

Unredeemed and unused single tickets, serial tickets and other tickets purchased online do not have a right of withdrawal based on (Consumer Protection Act chapter 6, §16, paragraph 11).

Cancellation policy

Mikäli et tule varaamallesi vuorolle, tunnille tai kurssille, on varaus peruutettava joko puhelimitse tai sähköpostitse. Juhlat ja muut tilaisuudet, ryhmät, kurssit ja kerhot tulee peruuttaa viimeistään viikkoa ennen tapahtuman alkua. Peruutuksista veloitamme 10 euron käsittelymaksun. Alle viikon varoitusajalla tulleista peruutuksista perimme tilaisuuden täyden hinnan, sairastapauksia lukuun ottamatta (lääkärin tai terveydenhoitajan todistus on toimitettava). Yksittäiset varaukset tulee perua viimeistään 24 tuntia ennen varauksen alkua. Mikäli varaus perutaan alle vuorokauden varoitusajalla, veloitamme asiakkaalta täyden hinnan.

Palveluntarjoajalla on oikeus perua asiakkaan varaus, jos palvelu joudutaan vähäisen osallistujamäärän tai muun ylivoimaisen esteen vuoksi perumaan. Tällöin asiakkaalle palautetaan kauppasumma täysimääräisenä tai vaihdetaan toiseen samanarvoiseen palveluntarjoajalta löytyvään palveluun.

Verkkokaupassa myynnissä olevat palvelut noudattavat yleisiä verkkokaupan ehtojamme. Verkkokaupasta ostetuilla käyttämättömillä kerta-, sarja- tai muilla lipuilla ei ole peruutusoikeutta (kuluttajansuojalaki luku 6, §16, kohta 11)

Age restrictions

Customers of all ages are welcome, but parents / adult guardians are responsible for the children accompanying them. Underage children are always under an adult guardian’s responsibility. We do not provide child-care services. See Rules for more.

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