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The bounciest birthday party of the year

Birthday parties in Pomppulinnapark are super fun and easy to organise. Everyone will have an exciting and active session jumping around. After some bouncing, the food and drinks of your choice are served in the party room.

More action for the children, less stress for the adults!

Temppuilua ja temmellettävää
Surprisingly fun

Pomppulinnapark is fun and active

Pomppulinnapark offers birthday parties filled with bouncy castles and games for all. The price is based on the type of the party and the number of attendees.

Isoja pomppulinnoja

First activities, then refreshments.

Yksin- ja kaksin pelattavia taito- ja nopeuspelejä

You can book the whole arena for a private event

Tilaa tarjoilut meiltä tai tuo omia

It is easy to modify the catering packages to suit your needs.

Couldn't be much easier

Two ways to organise a birthday party

You can organise birthday parties during normal opening hours (other people can be present at the same time) or you can book a private event and have the whole arena all to yourself.

A two-hour birthday party

Parties within regular opening hours

Birthday parties last for two hours and include the party room for the entire reservation. Please note that there may be other customers bouncing around at the same time.

You can bring your own food & drinks if you like. Remember to bring all necessary equipment with you. The cleaning equipment will be provided to you as you need to clean the room afterwards. Once your reservation ends, the room should be clean and ready for the next group.

There’s room for 10-12 people in the party room, depending on the centre. Please contact us in advance if you need accommodations.

Party timeline

Recommended timeline for a birthday party (in this example the party starts at 12:00)

Arrival: leave your shoes and coats to the coat racks, wash your hands and the activities can start. You can enter the party room to prepare the food and drinks.

Food and drinks in the party room

Activities continue, cleanup begins

The party is over: the children are happy and the room is empty, clean and ready for the next group.

Private party

Private events outside regular opening hours

During a private event, the entire Pomppulinnapark is at your disposal for the duration of your visit. Our staff is present to assist you.

During a private event, there needs to be one adult guardian present per ten children. You need to bring your own catering and equipment to a private event. The site needs to be clean and empty when your reservation ends.

The maximum capacity for a private event is 40 people. We have seating for 15-20 people at a time. 

Don’t be afraid to contact us via the contact form if you have anything to ask.

Get catering from us

The easiest way to arrange a party is to order all food and drinks from us

You can choose food and drinks when making the reservation. This is done after you’ve selected the date, time and the number of people, on the next page before confirming the reservation.

We offer drinks (soft drinks, juice, slush, water), sweets (candy, donuts, mud cake) and snacks (pop corn, chips, etc).

You can always order more on site if the guests are more hungry than you expected.

Bring your own

You can bring your own food and drinks if you'd like

Sometimes allergies and special diets will make it difficult to choose from the existing snack options. If you wish to, you can always bring your own food and drinks.

Keep in mind that you need to bring your own trays, bowls, spoons etc.. The party room also needs to be cleaned before your reservation ends.


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Book the party of the year!

Book a regular birthday party or a private event using the buttons below. Catering and extra services are selected after you have selected the date and time.

Private events outside of regular opening hours need to be paid in advance, other reservations can be paid upon arrival. Please remember to check the terms and conditions before booking.

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