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Rules of Pomppulinnapark

Children need to be under the supervision of an adult at all times. There are no child-care services in Pomppulinnapark.

Enter Pomppulinnapark only in good health and condition. If you feel sick, please postpone your visit.

Do not run in Pomppulinnapark. 

You are responsible of your actions. Parents/adults are responsible of their children. Children under 12 years can not be left alone to Pomppulinnapark. A 15 year old person can supervise younger children.

Coats and outdoor shoes should be left in the coat hangers reserved for this use. Pomppulinnapark is not responsible for any items left in the coat hangers or elsewhere.

For hygienic reasons you need to keep socks or shoes on at all times in Pomppulinnapark. You should not enter Pomppulinnapark with bare feet.

Entrace fee gives you access to Pomppulinnapark for a limited time on a given day.

No pushing or teasing others in Pomppulinnapark. If necessary, our staff will intervene and may remove any customer who causes disturbance or does not follow rules. If you see any issues, please inform our staff immediately.

Remember good hygiene. You should clean your hands every time before entering and when leaving the area. It is also polite towards other customers. There are plenty of desinfection points in the area.

Please leave all chains, jewelry and sharp items home. This makes it safer for everyone and our equipment stays in better condition.

You can enjoy the services of our kiosk/cafe. Is is ok to take water bottles with you to the activity area, but it is forbidden to take any food or drinks into the bouncy castles.

Pomppulinnapark is not responsible for any items lost or broken within our premises.


Come bouncing!

The bouncy castle park has plenty to do for every start for small and large bouncers.
Yksin- ja kaksin pelattavia taito- ja nopeuspelejä


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